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Ben Wood Inferno - The Real Thing Cover

Ben Wood Inferno - Psychomania

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2022, SR021 CD


With their 6th album "Psychomania" the Ben Wood Inferno draws wildest rock'n'rollcollages in anti-pastel.


The triumvirate celebrates in a diversity of synths-sounds combining the trademark BWI garage-rock'n'roll with bulks of newwave- and protopunk elements.


Again recorded at LW Sonics Studios Vienna with producer Lucas Wiltschko ("Young Nails", Albert Lee) and including conveted guestmusicians, e.g. Sebastian Jiro Schlecht ("Get Well Soon", "The Shanes"), Vera Mohrs ("Veras Kabinett") and Sonja Maier ("Baits").


You better not miss this flickering feast of unrepentant rock'n'roll din!!


01. If I'm Out Of My Mind (It's Alright With Me)
02. State Of Flux
03. Alligator Sex
04. Make You Hate Again
05. Who Cried Wolf

06. The Great Unpaid
07. Modern Heartsore
08. Fright Mode
09. A Call To Turn Off!!

Cover Kratus Hits

Kratus Hits - Hits Hits Hits

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2021, SR020


As the title already implies: Hits Hits Hits! What do you want more?



01. Hits Hits Hits

02. Proberaum

03. Kinski

04. Pizza

05. Ah Psst

06. So Dumm

07. Mütze Glatze

08. Renterrecycling

09. Busfahrer

10. Warmer Pfannkuchen



Du bist das Problem - Veronique de la Chanson and Kornelius Flowers

Véronique de la Chanson & Kornelius Flowers - Du bist das Problem

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2021, SR019 Digital Single


Véronique de la Chanson and Kornelius Flowers have written this song together using elements of disco, hip hop and pop. Get ready to dance!

You all now these kind of people: Folks who just talk too much. About things you don't wanna hear. How great they are, what great things they so. Lies, fake news. The list is long. These people are a problem – or maybe you are the probem to other people? ;-)

These days a lot of politicians are a problem, too – a lot of conversation, no action. Don't miss the video and have fun watching, listening, dancing:


Vero - Nachtschattenblau

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2021, SR018 Digital EP


News from planet Power Pop! Yeah yeah yeah! New songs from Vero & Band and the ladies from Kato Nigra. After the 2018 album Wolken Zucker Himmel VERO is now releasing 5 more catchy tunes with power pop and German lyrics.


Get the music on all streaming apps like Spotify, Deezer & Co., also available on Bandcamp for download!


Release dates:
24.06 2021 (Nachtschattenblau)
22.07.2021 (Aufwind)
19.08.2021 (Wer wir sind)
09.09.2021 (Sand in Sicht & Krawattenmann)


01. Nachtschattenblau
02. Aufwind
03. Wer wir sind

04. Sand in Sicht
05. Krawattenmann

Ben Wood Inferno - Never Enough

Ben Wood Inferno - Never Enough

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2018, SR017 EP


Back from their mad marauding tour through Germany, Austria and Japan, by March 2020 the Ben Wood Inferno releases their new single "Never Enough (Herman)". Produced by the congenial Lucas Wiltschko ("Reverend Backflash", Albert Lee) its title track reveals to be a bittersweet rock'n'roll homage to the late singer and painter Herman Brood, accumulating all the trademark over the top-ranting and raving and proving once more that going too far is never far enough.


A reelin' and rockin' howl of ferocious zest! The flipside of this very first BWI 7" vinyl turns out to be another undamped hit or miss bass guitar delivery, groovier and funkier than the band has ever sounded before. This non-album bonus track cites verse by verse a narrative clout in full puberty bravado and presents the band in one of their hottest moments where the needle rarely drops beneath total overload.


01. Bever Enough (Herman)

02. Get Along With My Way

Ben Wood Inferno - The Real Thing Cover

Ben Wood Inferno - The Real Thing

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2018, SR016 CD


With their latest release "The Real Thing" we find the Ben Wood Inferno pirouetting at the apogee while at the same time staying sane inside insanity. Ten brandnew, dripped in curare tracks delivered in full-force scale rock'n'roll - groovier and funkier than the band has ever sounded before and topped with vocals brought to you by deafening explosions of temper. With heartsore, love and sex as the gist of the lyrics you experience Ben Wood and this combatants spreading havoc like madly marauding Cupids. Musically the triumvirate focuses this time on the European phase of punk and rock'n'roll, venerating legends like The Damned, Jim Jones Revue or Herman Brood.


Produced in Vienna by the congenial Lucas Wiltschko ("Reverend Backflash", Albert Lee) the band is sincerely honoured to host veritable greats like Sebastian Schlecht (former "Get Well Soon"), Scharmien Zandi (from "Amour Fou") and Stefano D'Alessio as international guest musicians.


"The Real Thing" presents singer Ben Wood, himself either angry or sardonically amused by everything, bursting once more forth via a literate lyricism that, mingling humour and gloom, would press progressively harder on the nerve of how far he could go.


01. Button Down & Go
02. Get Wild
03. Howl
04. Hurts So Good
05. Gettin' Outta Here

06. Never Enough (Herman)
07. Unreal
08. All That Fall
09. Either Act Or Forget
10. Set It On Fire

Cover Kornelius Flowers Persona Non Grata

Kornelius Flowers - Persona Non Grata

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2018, SR015 CD


After the critically acclaimed solo debut "Vintage Hedonist", here the former Shanes-Mastermind Kornelius Flowers cuts a new path through the rock 'n roll story, leaving behind the folk-punk roots of the legendary Shanes, to head-full steam in the direction of American songwriter rock.


The album includes 12 original titles, with worthy contributions by band members, and comes as a limited edition in a glossy Digisleeve with a detailed booklet and a 6 song BONUS CD of Kornelius Flowers' take on some unusual, but well chosen covers. Kraftwerk (The Model), Elvis Presley (Flaming Star), Godfathers (Birth School Work Death), Wanda Jackson (Funnel Of Love), Thee Ultra Bimboos (Liar Liar) and Bobby Freeman (Do You Wanna Dance).


If you liked the first album, Kornelius Flowers' latest offering will definately not be “Persona non Grata” in your home or your car, and certainly not with the press and the public!

Cover Wodoworot

Ivan Ivanovich & The Kreml Krauts - Wodoworot

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2018, SR014 CD


(no English text available) Die mitreißenden Fluten des "Wodoworot", des gigantischen Meeresstrudels, stehen im Zentrum des aktuellen Albums von Ivan Ivanovich & The Kreml Krauts. Glitten die Hörer gerade noch in den ruhigen Gewässern gewohnter Musik dahin, zieht der Malstrom sie nun erbarmungslos hinein in die abenteuerliche und wodkagetränkte Welt von Ivan und seinen Kreml Krauts.


Dort unten, in den Tiefen des Ozeans gibt es keine Grenzen: auf ihrem mittlerweile dritten Album "Wodoworot" vermischt die Band treibende Polkarhythmen mit Anleihen aus Ska, Punk, Metal, Popmusik und russischer Folklore zu einem einzigartigen musikalischen Erlebnis.


Wo deutsche und russische Kultur aufeinander treffen, brennen Ivan Ivanovich & The Kreml Krauts seit mittlerweile elf Jahren ein Feuerwerk ab. "Wodoworot" ist dabei ihre bisher vielseitigste Veröffentlichung und hält neben der unbedingten Aufforderung zu Tanz und Freude auch einige musikalische Überraschungen bereit.


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01. Marsch slonov
02. Stalewary
03. Deutsches Essen in Russland
04. Pristuplenie i nakazanie
05. Krokodil
06. Tscherepacha
07. W tumane

08. Jedjem
09. Rabota zhopa
10. Kogda-to
11. Twoi glaza
12. Rjabina
13. Vesna

Cover Véronique de la Chanson

Véronique de la Chanson - Wolken Zucker Himmel

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2018, SR013 CD


Véronique de la Chanson – 'Vero' for short – is known as songwriter and guitarist for her former bands (The Boonaraaas – Düsseldorf, DollSquad – Melbourne, The Cherrypops – Essen, Orange Crush – Mülheim a. d. Ruhr). Now she is releasing her first solo album Wolken Zucker Himmel on Trier's Indie label Sumo Rex. For the recordings Vero has recruited many musician friends. The result is 14 catchy songs which are sure to make you sing along.


Charming German lyrics & musical pigeonholes: Vero's musical influences are coming from the sixties. She loves power pop, rock, garage and soul music. Also the influence of the New German Wave can't be denied. She grew up with this music in the 80s. Vero loves good melodies, songs you can dance to and distorted guitars. She likes catchy garage pop songs and gets enthusiastic when the audience starts to sing the songs with her. After her time as a guitar player in various girl groups she has now taken over the microphone.


In her songs Vero tells stories which are enigmatic and funny, but always charming. As well as describing human feelings, the lyrics tell us about madness, desperation, perdition, vampires and the devil in person!


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01. Wolken Zucker Himmel
02. Revolutionär
03. Ich würde lieber ein Mächen küssen
04. Wäre es nicht schön
05. Tschau und bis dann
06. Zivilisation
07. Kleiner Astronaut

08. Auf der Rollbahn in den Irrsinn
09. Oh El Trash
10. Rückwärts
11. Reisefieber
12. Dein Haarschnitt und deine Gitarre
13. Böser schwarzer Mann

14. Brillant

Cover Krach Capella Nigra

Krach Capella Nigra

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2018, SR012 CD


Am 22. Juni ist es endlich so weit: Krach Capella Nigra bringen ihr erstes Album raus! Etwa drei Jahre sind vergangen von den allerersten Anfängen: Im Jahr 2015 wurden die ersten Songs geschrieben, seit Anfang 2016 steht die Band in ihrer heutigen Besetzung. Viele tolle Konzerte von Saarbrücken bis Rostock und einige schöne Stunden in den Herrensalon Studios Trier später ist es nun fertig, das Erstlingswerk.


Krach Capella Nigra spielen eigenwillige und vor allem tanzbare Musik von Polka bis Chanson - mit folkloristischen Einflüssen von der Nordsee bis an den Ural. Mal energetisch, ausgelassen, beinahe Punk-lastig, mal etwas melancholischer begeistern Krach Capella Nigra ihr Publikum mit ausgefallenen Rhythmen und Harmonien und mal poetischen, mal politischen Texten. Die Band vereint Musiker aus unterschiedlichsten Genres, alle eint aber die Lust am Experimentieren und die Liebe zur osteuropäischen und Roma-Musik. Sängerin Nina Krienke verbrachte über ein Jahr in Rumänien und lernte Land, Leute, Sprache und Kultur kennen, dieser Einfluss ist bei Krach Capella Nigra unüberhorbar. Wer mit Freuden musikalische Reisen unternimmt, ist hier richtig – Dancers Welcome!


Nina – Vocals
Sean – Geige/Banjo/Gitarre
Yannick – Gitarre/Akkordeon
Jonas – Bass
Simon – Drums



01. Schweinehund
02. Frühling
03. Diktatoren
04. Alouette
05. Alkohol
06. Jamila
07. Io‘s Indragostita

08. Neckbreaking Swing
09. Der Kaktus
10. Herbst
11. Immer mit dem Kopf durch die Wand
12. Rumelaj
13. I‘ve travelled

Ben Wood Inferno - Blues Ex Machina

BEN WOOD INFERNO "Blues Ex Machina"

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2017, SR011 EP


The Ben Wood Inferno introduces to a four track EP of 100% wicked gruesome deathdefying untattooable hard-bitten fate-smitten cold titty witching spell shut your face trashblues massacre! The title track reveals the band's latest original output to be the most progressive so far. A rompin' stompin' swamp blues tune throwing its arms and legs around you while a randomized gantry of motorizing psycho guitar assaults keeps drilling holes into the structure till the sane mind snaps.


Plus!! Willie Dixon's fifties mojo tune Hoochie Coochie Man with a life threatening lapsteel guitar played by Elsa Tootsie's Artur Nutz from Vienna, and two re-reborrowed tracks from Wood's very own crooked past: Motor Mouth Babe (originally from 2004's Stranded) and With Her Love (originally from 2009's Yours,) straight put down on tape in a brandnew twentyfirst century teenage virus version.


As an ex ante release to the forthcoming album on Bluex Ex Machina we find all the zany, crazed for fuzz and blues dripping notes and tones, enshrouded in a unique cover sleeve drawn by the late New Orleans blues pianist and singer Champion Jack Dupree. Jeez, what more can you long for, boys and girls?!


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01. Blues Ex Machina
02. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man

03. Motor Mouth Babe
04. With Her Love (Tango)

Ben Wood Inferno - Wilder Wilder Faster Faster

BEN WOOD INFERNO "Wilder Wilder Faster Faster"

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2017, SR010 CD


"You think you know what rock'n'roll is all about? Well, you fuckin' don't till you haven't heard this album!" After 2015's staggering live album "flames baby flames !!" Ben Wood and his as unique as infernal triumvirate release their breathtaking studio debut. Nine brandnew, ozone-depleting tunes are raising the bar in a full blast of death mocking and devil defying sound. Launching from the swamps of dripping daffy trashblues into the spheres of outerspace psychorock'n'roll explosions we testify a song collection of an undiscovered garagerock'n'roll genre at its best - inspired by the likes of Bo Diddley, The Cramps, Jon Spencer and a large variety of winding up the smart set.


Notably the intimidating opener "Blues Ex Machina" as well as the caustic claustrophobic seven minute closure of "Trashedy" present the band at their hitherto sizzling peak of creativity and leave even die-hard followers with an open gob behind. Beside the well-known spectral and schizophrenic lyrical humour spread all over the record, the militant mockery on tunes like the sardonic "I Never Liked You Anyway" or the unmasking "Marching Off To War" are rock'n'roll renegades that once more reveal Ben Wood as a master of wrath and an unbowed cynic.


"Actually we wanted to call the album 'Wilder Wilder Wilder Faster Faster Faster' but then again - we didn't want to show off too much...", bow-wows the agitating singer. Yet this would have suited the record just as well, we say.


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01. Blues Ex Machina
02. Damn Dogpoor Bliss
03. A Few (More) Monkey Tricks
04. Sway
05. Marching Off To War

06. Shakin'
07. Stroke Index Blues
08. I Never Liked You Anyway
09. Trashedy

Kreml Krauts - Katschigari


SumoRex/Broken Silence 2016, SR009 CD


"Katschigari" heißt das zweite Studioalbum der Trierer Band Ivan Ivanovich & The Kreml Krauts. Der russische Titel, der sich auf deutsch mit "die Heizer" übersetzen lässt, gibt dabei die Schlagrichtung vor. Seit 2007 tourt die Band durch Deutschland und das europäische Umland und schafft es dabei mühelos, das Publikum zum Kochen zu bringen.


Die einzigartige Mischung aus Polka, Punk und russischer Folklore bringt selbst eingesessene Vertreter der Thekenkultur dazu, sich aufs Tanzparkett zu wagen. Dass diese Tanzfläche auch der eigene Küchenfußboden sein kann, beweist die Gruppe auf „Katschigari“ mit Polkakrachern wie "Ech, gari", "Tanzuj" oder "Pa darogam". Neben purer Freude am Leben bietet das Album mit stimmungsvollen Stücken wie "Sljozny wesny" und "Prasnulsja" auch einen Einblick in die Schwermütigkeit und die Melancholie der russischen Seele.


01. Tanzuj
02. Pa Darogam
03. Katschigari
04. Rannim Utrom
05. Prasnulsja
06. Odna Pered Zerkalom

07. Jean-Baptiste Rosenthal

08. Rubacha
09. Zhizn Ne Sachar
10. Praschlo
11. Ech, Gari
12. Sljozy Wesny

Kornelius Flowers - Vintage Hedonist

KORNELIUS FLOWERS "Vintage Hedonist"

SumoRex/Cargo 2016, SR008 CD & LP


The freewheeling approach of a Tom Petty, the wild hedonism of the early Kinks or, to highlight the point even more clearly, The Sonics; and then there was Bob Dylan and the macabre balladry of a Nick Cave.


A feast for the ears. Wayside tales, feeling, good and evil. Sometimes even simple acoustic sunshine – and a good refrain with hit potential. A pot pourri of good taste, a stocktaking of Rock’n’Roll as it is lived – the way one so rarely finds these days, so carefully crafted but at the same time rough and wild. We also find all this in the brilliant lyrics of the songs on Vintage Hedonist.

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01. Abba
02. Buried As A Child
03. Fire In The Air
04. Evil Head

05. The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill

06. Thousand Times

07. I Declare War
08. When Will I Be Your Man
09. I Don’t Believe In Anything
10. The Way You Are
11. The Right Way
12. Hall Of Fame

The Shanes - The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill

THE SHANES "The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill"

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2015, SR007 EP


If want to show GRANT HART of the legendary HÜSKER DÜ your respect by covering one of his songs you can't just copy the original. After all, this is a band that has never worried about pigeon-holing or expectations.  


The Shanes have transformed the brilliantly raucous "Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill" into a dark country anthem and at the same time put a surrealistic, trashy B-movie spin on the lyrics in the accompanying video.   


As with their previous cover versions - "Sailor man" by Turbonegro, "Love will tear us apart" by Joy Division, and "Bite it you scum" by G.G. Allin, The Shanes  have managed to rethink the song in a way that leaves its original form behind and puts it in a completely different light while always respecting the spirit of the original.   


"The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill" is one of those songs which, in the original,  deliberately hide their beauty behind a wall of noise. It is a perfect pop song for people who can plumb the depths of a song.  


While "Bite It You Scum" gave rise to world-wide controversy ranging from total enthusiasm to absolute rejection in the faithful G.G. Allin community - which would most probably have delighted G.G. Allin – "The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill" received the blessing of its composer even before it was released: Grant Hart liked this version so much that he came up with the idea of a vinyl single that will even be distributed through his own label in the USA.  


"The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill" pays tribute to Hüsker Dü without copying them, and extracts the hidden beauty of the melody without downplaying it.


"A very haunting re-working of one of my dearest songs. Really cool." (Grant Hart/Hüsker Dü)


01. The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
02. The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (live)

03. The Dark Side Of My Soul
05. Blood On The Banjo

The Cherrypops - ¡POP!


SumoRex/Broken Silence 2013, SR006 CD/EP


The Cherrypops from Essen finally deliver a fresh supply of cherry sweet pop hits. The new mini album lives up to its expectations and gives the fans six power songs all about the ups and downs of life.


¡POP! is catchy, dreamy, really sour and straight forward. Six pop songs with haunting melodies throw pop, rock & power pop into one pot and add some strong seasoning with a pinch of 60s garage, a little bit of New German Wave with charming abstruse German lyrics.


The opener "Träumer (Dreamer)" is a hymn for those without any perspective and who like to daydream. "Versteck' dich (Hide Away)" describes outright the moment before someone is punched in the face. "Ich würde lieber ein Mädchen küssen als einen Jungen wie dich (I would rather kiss a girl than a boy like you)" already implies the title of the song. "Jede Nacht (Every night)" and "Wette dagegen (Bet against it)" show the beginning and the end of a love story and with "Aufwind (Upwind)" we have the first wonderful ballad of The Cherrypops.


¡POP! is released on CD with six tracks and as a 4-track vinyl single with a download code for all songs.

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01. Träumer
02. Versteck' dich
03. Ich würde lieber ein Mädchen küssen als einen Jungen wie dich

04. Jede Nacht
05. Wette dagegen
06. Aufwind

The Shanes - Road Worrier

THE SHANES "Road Worrier"

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2013, SR005 CD


You can take the title "Road Worrier" as an ironic nod at the temporary sabbatical the band took in 2010. After twenty years The Shanes announced their departure, yet, here they are checking in with a new album in 2013! Anyone who has heard "Road Worrier" will understand why the band had to go on.


Long before "folk punk", "Russian Disco" and "Americana" became hip trends, The Shanes were integrating these genres into their sound ("Hard Polka") without ever being a ‘scene’ band. Even though they were always advised to stick to a formula, they chose to cheerfully cut their own zig-zag path though the musical forest, never re-treading old ground. No two Shanes CDs ever sound the same!


Just as they absorbed Irish Folkpunk sounds in the early 90’s, and streamlined East-European folk sounds to create their own brand of "Pölka" in 2005, this time round they have drawn on their deep love of American folk and country, without shaking off their folk-punk roots. On "Road Worrier", Matt Dawson's pedal steel and dobro undoubtedly add to the authentic atmosphere, blowing an Arizona desert breeze over the whole CD. His steel guitar is less reminiscent of conventional U.S. country, than the atmosphere and originality associated with genre innovators like Calexico. Yet The Shanes are, at heart, a Rock'n'Roll band; just listen to the burning guitar solos by special guest, veteran session man ALBERT LEE (Emmylou Harris, Eric Clapton).


These 12 songs are all written by the Shanes, all the band members contributing to the songwriting and / or the arrangements, with the exception of Hüsker Dü's Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill. In their inimitable way, the Shanes have turned this post-punk-hardcore rocker into a ghostly country number, Grant Hart (Hüsker Dü) said about Shane's version: "A fine rethinking of a song that means a lot to me!" The opening track ‘Blood On The Banjo’ is an instrumental in the good old hard-polka style, while Fremantle Doctor, probably the 'poppiest'song of the album, evokes the spirit of Fremantle, Australia, and the grave of Bon Scott who is buried there.


'Dark Side Of My Soul' is a dark folk song that you already know from live performances, and features guitar legend Albert Lee’s great licks and solos – as does the 'The River', and the bluegrass / country & western tour- de- force 'House Of Whispers', where the banjo and mandolin of frenchman Jean Marie Pesciutta, and Chris Birches eerie fiddle sets the mood. 'The Big Show' is a very laid-back "storytelling" folk song that would not be out of place in the soundtrack of a spaghetti western.


The country rocker 'Rock That City' on the other hand sounds just like the whole band got their trucker’s licenses before they went into the studio. This melting pot of Anglo-American styles, with the two Balkan howlers Hellride and Cruelty & Grind, makes 'Road Worrier' a fresh direction for The Shanes, without losing touch with the older albums, such as "Polka Serbja Over (Live)" and "The Haunted House Of Polka". What is ultimately never missing, is the component ROCK, running through every song on Road Worrier, peppered with the authentic rockabilly 'slap' of song like 'Train' (with Didi Beck by Boppin 'B on double bass) and Burn It Down.


"Road Worrier" by 'The Shanes' is in the best tradition of classic blues, folk and rock 'n' roll songwriters, charting the "Dark Side Of Your Soul" without losing the "carefree sunny side", with a good dose of humor.


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01. Blood on the Banjo
02. Fremantle Doctor
03. House of Whispers
04. The Dark Side Of My Soul
05. The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
06. Train

07. Hell Ride
08. Gruelty And Grind
09. Burn It Down
10. The Big Show
11. Rock That City
12. The River


The Kreml Krauts - Peregar


SumoRex/Broken Silence 2011, SR004 CD


Geruch, den man nach einer durchgesoffenen Nacht von sich gibt... man nimmt Alkohol ein, verbrennt diesen und es entsteht Peregar, wunderbar.


Das Debüt-Album Peregar von IVAN IVANONOVICH & THE KREML KRAUTS ist ein hemmungsloser Mix aus Ska und Folk-Punk mit russischer Seele. Peregar erscheint als CD im Digipack-Format inklusive Poster-Booklet auf SUMO REX. Nach einem in Eigenregie veröffentlichten Demo (wovon der Song Deutsches Essen In Russland den Open Music Contest gewann) und der EP Begi Suka (beide von 2008) sowie zahlreichen ihrer fulminanten, schweißtreibenden Live-Konzerten im In- und Ausland legen Sänger IVAN IVANOVICH und seine sechs KREML KRAUTS ihren ersten Longplayer vor. Von der ersten Minute an drücken die Trierer mit Akkordeon, Geige, Horn und natürlich Gitarren / Bass / Schlagzeug ordentlich auf das Gaspedal. Russische Folklore trifft auf Ska-Rhythmen, Polka-Groove und viel punkige Energie. Stilecht ist der Großteil der Texte auf Russisch (mit deutscher Übersetzung im liebevoll gestalteten Poster-Booklet) und Frontmann IVAN IVANOVICH trifft mit seiner dreckigen, Wodka-gegurgelten Stimme und harter Aussprache auch perfekt den Ton.


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01. Zapuskaem Parusa

02. Popalis
03. Moskau-Berlin-Madrid
04. Straschnyj Son
05. Wedmowyj Prud
06. Suka-Bljad
07. Zrja Ty Sljezy Lila

08. Alkogol-Nikotin
09. Ventilator
10. Onkel Sascha
11. Vals Soljonowa Ogurza
12. Krasnaja Ploschjad
13. Gori Moja Duscha
14. Zugfahrt


The Shanes - Squandering Youth

THE SHANES "Squandering Youth"

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2009, SR003 CD


A fine selection of 14 great songs without any filler! As cultured as it kicks ass!! The in the early nineties “shanes-invented” style of music called HARDPOLKA - probably the smartest type of folkpunk/folkrock – contains elements of almost any traditional folkmusic you have ever heard of.


With their new album "squandering youth" The Shanes undoubtedly remain faithful to themselves though they use a complete new type of sound than on their brilliant live-spectacle "polka over serbja – live in chosebuz".


Regardless to all consequences the burden of entertainment was purely left on fast and fierce polka-beats. But it is just about those relaxed moments their “squandering youth” culminates in terms of atmospheric density and varied selection of melodies – and so really invites the audience.


A whole bunch of catchy tunes, but every single one with a very autonomous selection of melody, harmony and elaborated instrumentation – especially when it comes to the accordion, the fiddle, the banjo, the mandolin or the guitars. The musical facets couldn't have been more diversified and consistent at the same time – just as it always is with The Shanes.


The furious fast "hell on earth" or the winking "baby, I" do show their bonds towards the balkan and are highly classified into those wonderful americana sounds of songs like "alone on my own device" or the sinister "weight on my shoulders". Dark country ("the future") and fresh irish folk flair ("bring me the head of zoltan narray") works just as well as the typical party polka "going where the action is". This is followed by an orchestral bombast ("black white heart beat) and heartbreaking ballads ("hey there can you help me?").


The song "lousy bastard" even calls for associations of django reinhardts gypsy jazz shows, however, performed on a hooligan festival. “Unfortunate one” is giving the first impression of being a mixture between a Rick Rubin evergreen and a Pogues performance , but finally turns out to be a speedfolk-inferno at its best.


Speaking of similarity in dynamics we continue to the "long journey" to find slight medieval-style seeming licks rocking violently between the acoustic verses, as if the New Model Army collaborated with Flogging Molly. The Shanes, unlike any other folkrock or folkpunk bands have no need to support their rock´n´roll attitude by a gigantic wall of hard-rock-guitar-sound, but simply through the power of their very own compositions and of course the skillful choice of two cover versions: on the one hand GG Allins scumrock classic "bite it you scum" redone as a country-punk number including a mad speedfiddle and on the other a hillbilly-banjo version of Turbonegros "sailorman" – obviously the only way for this song to unfold its great hit-potential.


All in all "squandering youth" is the most mature and grown-up Shanes album ever produced because it is a compilation of almost any influence the band has ever experienced - but with a strong tendency towards the presentation of those fantastic contemplative moments… without leaving the fun behind!!!


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01. going where the action is
02. alone on my own device
03. bite it you scum
04. unfortunate one
05. the future
06. long journey
07. black heart white beat

08. hell on earth
09. baby, I
10. sailor man
11. weight on my shoulders
12. lousy bastards
13. bring me the head of zoltan narray
14. hey there, can you help me?


The Shanes - Polka over Serbja

THE SHANES "Polka over Serbja" (live in Chosebuz)

SumoRex/Broken Silence 2007, SR002 CD


produced by Norbero Selbersuess and The Shanes
Kornelius Flowers: vocals, harp, guitar, banjo
Andy Diewald: accordion, vocals
Warpig Stoffregen: guitar, banjo, vocals
Herr Dannehl: bass, vocals
Sebba Nogood: fiddle
Markus Börgermeister Schu: drums, vocals
+ Ali Aslanbay: Saz


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01. the haunted house of polka
02. godfather of polka
03. hard to do something noone else did before (modern times polka)
04. the road to my horizon
05. love will tear us apart
06. long haired country boy
07. tango demi
08. the big punisher?s polka
09. king of the fairies

10. my time will come
11. the ripper
12. I'm so happy and I don't know why
13. the summer's almost gone
14. bring me the head of zoltan narray
15. the rake
16. polka heart
17. drunkenness, drugs & polka
bonus features: live video of songs 13. &_ 14.


The Shanes - Poelka


SumoRex/Broken Silence 2005, SR001 CD


produced by Norbero Selbersuess and The Shanes
Kornelius Flowers: vocals, harp, guitar, banjo
Thomas Rebmann: accordion, vocals
Warpig Stoffregen: guitar, banjo, vocals
Herr Dannehl: bass, vocals
Dani Gruenewald: fiddle
Steve Zender: drums, vocals
Bernie Bredin: banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals
+ Anne Gehlen: vocals + Markus Kowalik: trumpet


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01. outbreak of polka
02. godfather of polka
03. the dark side of my soul
04. satisfying you
05. your dirty mind
06. passant par paris
07. el paso de los dias
08. my little world's on fire
09. I feel the blood

10. hands of fate
11. still a long haired country boy
12. the rake
13. then you walked away
14. jock's bar
15. the priests of the new polka church
16. polka overkill
17. same old stupid questions